Every jacket we make offers Body, Chest, Belly and Neck Protection and is custom designed for your dog. To ensure we get this right a template is sent out prior to your order to ensure the best protection and fit possible for your dog.


We use some of the strongest soft armour in the world, offering the ultimate lightweight bite-resistant protection. Designed to protect your dog in the event of another dog attacking them. It also offers protection against razor wire, barbed wire, branches and many other things that may cause injury to your dog.


Our outer fabrics are strong and water resistant, whilst the inside fabric acts as a breathable and cool jacket. Our jackets are designed for all year round use and even act as a cool coat during the summer months by simply wetting the special fabric inside of the jacket before your walks.


We are passionate about our little dog Tilly and wanted to give her the best protection we could when taking her for a walk. Several times dogs have come close to attacking her and being such a little thing she would not have much of a chance. After seeing and hearing about many dogs being attacked, we decided to develop Doggy Armour.

It gives you those few vital minutes to save your dog in the event of an attack.

Our vests at Doggy Armour are similar to that of stab-proof jackets. We have used the latest armour and fabrics to reduce the potential impact of the teeth of another dog. Our vests offer body and neck protection, are fully waterproof and also breathable. They are suitable for all seasons, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer by wetting the underside fabric before your walk. They come in a range of colours and have road reflectors for those night time walks.


The fabric has been successfully put to the test with dogs who did their best to bite through and rip the fabric. These jackets are seriously tough! So tough they can even give you some protection against barbed wire, razor wire and sharp branches.

Most importantly at Doggy Armour, we use the profits we make to help protect those service dogs around the world by donating free armour to them. We are a family run business and have full-time jobs outside of Doggy Armour so that we can maximise what we can give back.

Note: Doggy Armour has done its best to ensure you get the toughest jacket available for your dog.  It is, to our knowledge, one of the toughest domestic dog jackets available on the market.



We are always open for our clients and can easily be reached on social media, telephone or email. Visits to our studio in Essex are by appointment only.


Prices start from £100.00 with the average price of jackets being around £150.00, this is for full body Armour in a choice of Colour and custom made to your size. As a guide, Small dogs range from £100 - £150, Medium Dogs £150 - £200, Large Dogs £200 - £350.


To date, we have donated over 30 armoured jackets to various special service dogs amounting to around £5500. On top of this, we have also donated money to various dog-related causes.


Social Responsibility

At Doggy Armour we pride ourselves in what we do for both our customers and the various organisations and individuals that we donate our armour to. It’s our ethos to re-invest as much as we possibly can into providing armour for those special service dogs around the world. It is our commitment to provide a professional and high quality level of service to our clients. The purpose is to fulfil the requirements of all our varied clients to their complete satisfaction. We will always try to ethically purchase our materials and ensure we know their source.


Mission Statement

Our mission at Doggy Armour is to.

  • Encourage responsible ownership of dogs

  • Support changes in the law which identify the importance of dogs to us (family members)

  • Constantly develop our product and services

  • Support service dogs around the world

  • Promote safer walking with dogs

  • Offer the most cost effective solutions for protecting your dogs

  • Make walking fun again and less stressful.

  • Always be there for our customers