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  • How do I order a Doggy Armour coat?
    You can order a standardised Doggy Armour coat using our online shop and sizing guide. If you want a custom made coat, follow the steps below. Measure your dog using our Measurement Guide Once you have measurements in hand, navigate to our Cost Calculator (on the Measurement Guide page or product page). This will price up an estimate of your Doggy Armour coat. You can see any additional features you want and the cost using this calculator Navigate to the Products and pick out your favourite coat. Select the 'custom made (£10 deposit)' button Checkout, submit your dogs measurements and pay the £10 deposit to kickstart your Doggy Armour journey! Doggy Armour will create a template using these measurements and mail it to you to fit on your dog. We ask you to mark any amendments that need to be made on the template and then send it back to us. We send you the final payment amount to complete the transaction and Doggy Armour will create your custom armoured coat!
  • How do I measure my dog?
    You can measure your dog with a measuring tape, using our useful guide here: Measurement Guide.
  • Do you have an in-person tailoring service?
    We carry out tailoring services out of our Brentwood office, based in Essex. A tailoring session at Doggy Armour will entail us measuring your dog and creating and amend a paper template to ensure the perfect fit for your pooch. You can choose the colour and any additional features you would like for your Doggy Armour. We then let you know the final cost of your coat and have a photoshoot with your dog in their template. You can arrange to come back to the Workshop for the final fitting or we can post your Doggy Armour to you. If you would like to organise a tailoring session, please email
  • What is Doggy Armour made of?
    The strongest soft armour used for domestic dog protection (stronger than Kevlar) Waterproof outer fabric (standard colours available but we can customise the waterproof fabric with whatever you want) Breathable inner fabric that turn the coats into cooling coats when wet Created in-house at our Brentwood workshop
  • How much is shipping?
    Free Shipping within the UK. We have a set rate on our website for International shipping with Royal Mail or £9.99. If it costs more to send to your location, we will let you know. Please note, shipping Internationally may require you to pay customs fees (roughly 20%) to import into your country. Please check your local laws on domestic dog armour to ensure it is legal for you to own Doggy Armour. In some states in US and Canada, it is illegal.
  • Do you accept returns?
    We do not accept returns on our custom made coats, however if you have any issues with your product, please reach out to us at and we can deal with your issues directly. If you bought a standardised Doggy Armour coat and it doesn't fit your pooch, please don't worry. As long as it is still in brand new condition, we will accept returns. Email us on to start the returns process. You will be responsible for paying for the product to be returned to us.
  • How can I help my dog cool down in the summer?
    During warm or hot weather be sure to wet the inside of the jacket before walks. Top up on your walks by squirting water up the back of the jacket. In very hot weather you can soak the jacket, then place in a bag into the freezer for 15-20 minutes before your walk. Be careful your dog does not get too cold and also remember to check and top up with water regularly.
  • How do I wash Doggy Armour?
    Depending on your fabric choice, your armour can be hand or machine washed on a delicate wash only. Only air dry your armour. Do not tumble dry.
  • What if the product arrives and it doesn't fit properly?
    For Custom Made coats, email and the team will coordinate any changes necessary to ensure your Doggy Armour coat is the perfect fit. If you purchase a standardised coat and it doesn't fit correctly, let us know and we can issue you a refund. You will be responsible for the cost to return the product back to us.
  • What if my product arrives and it is broken?
    Email or call our workshop on 01277 715021 and the team will work with you on a solution.


Doggy Armour is designed to reduce the amount of damage an attacking dog could do to your dog. We do not guarantee that your dog will not be injured nor do we make any guarantee that your dog will not receive puncture wounds. Our coats offer some of the best protection you can currently purchase on the market but we cannot accept any liability should your dog be injured or killed whilst wearing the coat.


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