Order Guide
So you're looking at placing an order for your Doggy Armour, so the first thing you need to do is measure your dog. Part of our service is to make your jacket to the size you need, custom made armour. We do offer a tailoring service as well but means you will need to travel down to Essex, we can come to you but of course, this does cost extra. The picture shown is the sizes we need for us to make a paper template, this will be sent to you for you to double-check everything and get the best fit.

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Before Ordering

Please make sure you have taken the time to read the Order guide before placing your order it's very important we get this perfect for you. Any questions then just get in touch :-) As each jacket is handmade they take up to 8 weeks from ordering so please bare this in mind. Due to the many features, colours, Jacket types etc we have, to be able to ensure we collect all of this information please fill out the form below and we will come back to you confirming the price. Below is a guide price for full body armour and at the bottom of the page our price enquiry form.

Use and care of armour

• Depending on your fabric choice, your armour can be hand or machine washed on a delicate wash only.

• Only air dry your armour. Do not tumble dry.

• Occasionally the webbing straps can fray at the ends. To seal them take the jacket outside away from anything flammable and burn the ends with a match. Be careful as the webbing is a plastic compound and will melt or catch light if burnt too long, which could cause a burn or injury, WEAR SAFETY GLOVES when doing this to prevent burning and have water nearby just in case. Of course do not do this with the dog wearing the jacket.

• Please contact us for replacement clips if they get broken or you need them upgraded to metal.


• During warm or hot weather be sure to wet the inside of the jacket before walks. Top up on your walks by squirting water up the back of the jacket. In very hot weather you can soak the jacket, then place in a bag into the freezer for 15-20 minutes before your walk. Be careful your dog does not get to cold and also remember to check and top up with water regular.

• Do not allow your dog to swim in the jacket and keep your dog away from deep water when wearing your armour. Armour is not designed for swimming in.

Fabric Design

We offer high quality waterproof fabrics both machine washable or wipeable in a range of standard colours, giving exceptional wear and style. Or if your looking for a particular colour then lets us know and we will do our best to source it at no extra cost.

• Blue
• Pink
• Green
• Black
• Blue Camo
• Pink Camo
• Grey Camo

For those wishing to design their own fabrics then we can provide this service at an extra cost and offer a choice of fabrics. We can provide a template via email to work on your master piece and give guidance along the way. We can also offer various other design services including that of exclusive one off designs by world renowned artists. We can also offer very exclusive fabrics from 24k gold nano coated to rare designer materials.


Jacket guide prices

Prices start from £100.00 with the average price of jackets being around £150.00, this is for full body armour in a choice of colour and custom made to your size. As a guide, Small dogs range from £100 - £150, Medium Dogs £150 - £200, Large Dogs £200 - £350. Once we receive your dog sizes below then we will reply with a set price which includes a paper template to try on your dog, please ensure you advise of an extra's like non-standard colours etc. Standard colours are pink, green, blue, black, grey camo, pink camo, blue camo. Other colours on request at an additional cost depending on the fabric chosen. Please note templates are charged at £10 and are refunded off the cost of your jacket when ordered.