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Orange Doggy Armour Coat


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Binding: Black
  • Product Information

    Every jacket we make offers body, chest, belly and neck protection and is designed to protect your dog.  


    We use soft armour to offer bite-resistant protection, designed to protect your dog in the event of a dog attack, against razor wire, barbed wire, and branches.


    Our coats are designed for all year round use. They are lightweight, breathable and waterproof. 


    • The outer fabric is waterproof and comes in many colours. 
    • The middle fabric is the soft armour used to protect your dog.
    • The inner fabric is breathable and acts as a cooling coat during the warmer months (simply wet before wearing). 


    For those wishing to design their own outer fabrics we can provide this service at an extra cost.

  • Custom Made

    If you are purchasing a custom made Doggy Armour coat, please visit the Measurement Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to measure your dog. Once measured, use our cost calculator & continue through to checkout to pay the £10 deposit, kickstarting your journey with Doggy Armour!


    On average, it takes approximately two weeks from this stage to get your coat.

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